Thursday 24 November 2016

Fat Dog and French Estates Part III is Good to Go!

It seems like an age since we set out on that fateful day for our expedition to buy a property in France. But it wasn’t.  Our two fat dogs, Sam and Biff, joined me and my husband, Jack, on a journey that would take us the length and breadth of France. It was also one that would change our lives forever.

The situations we faced, and adventures we had, were so extraordinary that I decided to share our experiences. Writing the story was just one part of the challenge. I needed an illustrator who would be able to bring the key characters to life. Happily, my search ended quickly when I found Maggie Raynor. 

Originally famed for her skills in creating equine art, she read my manuscripts, and produced drawings that perfectly matched the words. Her interpretation of the dogs, their mischievous behaviour, my grumpy-but-lovable husband – not to mention our car and our surroundings – were just right.

Finally, Fat Dogs and French Estates Part I was good to go, and I’ll admit it was all a bit daunting.

To my delight I found that lots of people loved reading about our early exploits. Not only that, many asked for more. That gave me all the encouragement I needed. Working in tandem with Maggie, Part II quickly followed, which completed another part of the jigsaw, but not all.

I am very excited to announce the next instalment of our incredible exploits, Fat Dogs and French Estates Part III, is good to go. This time we, and our portly mutts, are involved in adventures of a very different kind.

Feedback from the Beta readers, (whose advice has been second to none) has been wonderful, here's an example:

The book is currently available for pre-order at a discount price, and will be published on the 2nd December 2016.

If you are one of those readers who asked for more, I’d like to say a big thank you for your support. If the series is new to you, I hope my tales make you chortle and brighten your day, and I look forward to you joining us in our latest exploits – we’d love to have you along.

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